TETSUNORI TAWARAYA started drawing portraits of people and musicians in San Diego in 1999, and accomplished 800 portraits until 2002.
TAWARAYA’s prolific output of flyers, comics, music started in San Diego simultaneously.
Ashish Vyas from Thievery Corporation (ex-Gogogo Airheart) gave him an opportunity to start Silkscreen. First silkscreen poster was made for Gogogo Airheart, Glass Candy, and Convocation of, at Casbah in San Diego 2001.
Comic book project started in 2002, that featured hand-painted card board box as the hard cover, occasionally fur and photo collage were attached. Those hand sewed spine comics were compiled and released in one large book Tetsupendium Tawarapedia in 2015.
His comic charactors had been created in the format of stuffed animal as a collabolation work called “Donuts Machine” with TOMO since 2006. Life size stuffed animals were displayed at MIAM Exhibition in 2014.
His recent works were featured on “U.D.W.F.G.” zine by Hollow Press (Italy), “TETSUNORICTUS” silkscreen book by Le Dernier Cri (Marseile, France), Colour Code (Tronto, Canada).
His work continues to be highly influential.

2003 Gelato Velo, San Diego, CA, USA
2004 Chris Woo and Tetsunori Tawaraya, INNER NRG, San Diego, CA, USA
2006 East Village Workshop, Santa Ana, CA, USA
2007 Kiss Cafe, Kichijouji, Tokyo, Japan
2007 O-Nest, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2009 PoPo, Shindaita, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Tot’to, Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Strange Store, Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Libreria K, Pescara, Italy
2015 Tot’to, Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Popotame, Mejiro, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Popo, Shindaita, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Mograg Gallery, Okachimachi, Tokyo, Japan

2003 Co-op, San Diego, CA, USA
2004 Scout, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2004 M-Theory Music, San Diego, CA, USA
2005 Pop Montreal, Montreal, QC, CANADA
2006 Wall Marks, Kunstencentrum, Belgie
2007 BunkArt, Yokohama, Kanagawa, JAPAN
2008 Nagi Shokudou, Shibuya, Tokyo, JAPAN
2008 Ivy, Daikanyama, Tokyo, JAPAN
2008 Stairwell Gallery, Providence, RI, USA
2008 Mountain Fold Gallery, NY, USA
2008 The Lights, Nagoya, Aichi, JAPAN
2008 Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL, USA
2008 Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, KY, USA
2008 Rough Trade, London
2009 Urbanspace Gallery, Tronto, QC, CANADA
2009 TTC Gallery, Copenhagen, DENMARK
2009 UTRECHT, Aoyama, Tokyo, JAPAN
2009 Baba festival, Italy
2009 107 Shaw Gallery, Montreal, QC, CANADA
2010 Garbageman and Astronaut Project Space, Portland OR, USA
2010 Printemps de Septembre art fest in Toulouse, France
2011 Can you see the rainbow? benefit artshow for Tohoku earthquake at 3331, Chiyoda, Tokyo, JAPAN (curration)
2011 EXPOSITION DE DESSINS at La halle Roublot, Fontenay-sous-Bois, France
2011 Uma Et Merde, Fuchu, Tokyo, JAPAN
2014 Jean Lois Costes group exhibition at Uma Et Merde, Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Avant Galz doll exhibition at Maruzen Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Kuu, Fu, Ka, Sui, Chi Exhibition at Gallerie Malle, Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Aquvii Art The Terminal at Kinsella, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Group exhibition at Glass Gallery Karanis, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
2014 l’exposition des artistes japonais MIAM, Sète, France
2014 COUP-ROUND 2 at La Galerie CENTRAL, Liege, Belgium
2014 “Moving” Group Exhibition, Soho, NY, USA
2015 “Moving Set Your Path” Group Exhibition at Combustión Espontánea, Madrid, Spain
2015 “Imaginary Rock Fes” Group Exhibition at Popotame, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Tetsunorictus” exhibition at Le Dernier Cri, Marseille, France
2015 “Tetsunorictus” exhibition at Tot’to, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Strange Store 5th anniversary” exhibition at VOILLD, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Ars Necronomica 2015” at Providence Art Club
2015 “Hollow Press” exhibition at IRA, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Le Dernier Cri JAPAN TOUR『Cercle Rouge』at Mograg Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

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Dmonstrations MidWest 2006
Dmonstrations U.S. 2006
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