Modern Spleen #3

There is a really great publisher called Na Edition in angoulême, France.
Recently they printed the newest issue “Modern Spleen #3” which is probably the my favorite newspaper issue so far.
I will go drop them off at TACO ché, and POPO.
Please have a look if you have a chance.

here is a artist list
tetsunori tawaraya, gala vanson, lisa lugrin, leon sadler, alessandra ghiringhelli, iris pouy, francois henninger, fama, oumou, sarah-louise barbett, gregory jarry, sadio, morgane parisi, marine blandin, manuel calard, alvaro nofuentes, mai-li bernard, francois de jonge, julia gordon, clement xavier, enzo, kenny, yaziz, arnaud, audrey, bertrand, marion roger, maelys, jon chandler, romeo julien, koliba, vincent wagnair, fatou

thanks a bunch. and have a great day!