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Gorgeous, delicate lil’ perfect-bound book compiled by Natalie Purkey and printed by Athame Press. Some cryptic text here and there. Contains drawings by all your favorites- Michael Williams, Rich Porter, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Matt… Continue reading

Modern Spleen #3

There is a really great publisher called Na Edition in angoulême, France. Recently they printed the newest issue “Modern Spleen #3” which is probably the my favorite newspaper issue so far. I will… Continue reading

Portraits vol.1 by Athame Press

Portraits vol.1 printed in providence RI 2010 athame press limited 500 copies Michael Williams Rich Porter Tetsunori Tawaraya Matt Lock CF Aki Goto Max Eisenberg Dan Talbot Sophia Dixon Sadie Laska Natalie Purkey… Continue reading


つづきはLos Apson?で売っています。