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Collaboration pins with Brooklyn based PINTRILL (@pintrill) are finally out!💥🤝💥Available at their website and my shop☄️ 日本では @toxgo @taco_che @birthdeath_tokyoにて購入可能です。Special thanks to @jordanpintrill @domigi and Pintrill Team🔥


This gentleman is a ghost from The Great Depression💥Work in progress for upcoming Netherlands one and only Wobby Magazine (@wobbyclub)☝🏽

Sick battery

Flying over the grid🔥🔥a view from long gone Volcom zine. Good times☄️

Mental Flute

“Mental flute” from new riso book LSREE. @colourcodeprint is taking Pre-Order now🌯🔥

Capeman sticker

New sticker is available🔥Bunch of other items are also restocked🦇 *New book: LSREE is currently Pre-Sale at colour code website. *Upcoming: Pintrill pins will be released in the end of month)💥… Continue reading

Meeting with Gary

Dream meeting with master Gary Panter(@gary.panter) was just unbelievable🔥I had so much good energy and heard great stories from him! it was just off the chain.. Much respect..!!!

Table at CAB

Visit my table at CAB on Nov 11th🔥Entrance free 11am – 7pm at Pratt Activities Resource Center (395 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn)🙌🏽 I’ll be here all day!


Arrived in Brooklyn safely🔥Here is a drawing from airplane. Good times✍🏽


NY folks, come visit my table at CAB on Nov 11th🔥Finished customized shelf for it. Entrance free 11am – 7pm at Pratt Activities Resource Center (395 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn)🙌🏽

Grayworld pins

Grayworld pins will be available at CAB on Nov 11th🔥Don’t miss it! 2nd photo is next to killer chef Emmy’s “call any vegetable” pin(@pastryismetal) who currently works at awesome vegan restaurant KINDRED(@barkindred) in… Continue reading