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Tentacle printz

Got some new screenprints up on the shop📢💥Limited of 40🙋🏽‍♂️Printed by @prince_of_printz⚡️

Who goes there

Finally I’m making small figures with @unboxindustries🔥This figure series will be nuts! Release date will be announced soon⬆️📢

Tees revival

Revival of tees💥Vacuum, Skate Hell, Night Terror, Good vs Evil🙌🏽

Tentacle head

Tentacle shirts and prints will be available soon📢⚡️⚡️

Early Sunday show

Next 2up show flyer🔥 Early Sunday would be fun!

Life is Unfair

Finally got this semi-modular tremolo pedal in my hand💥💥So happy that it came out so dope. Available at @lifeisunfairaudio

A1 poster

I just put up a few A1 posters in the shop🔥Have a great weekend👋🏽

2020 view

Big respect to holms in Europe!🔥 Collaboration with Element for 2020👋🏽


Got some revival prints in the shop🔥2up is playing at Ochiai Soup on May 18th, those prints will be available!🙌🏽

2up show

Next 2up show flyer🔥May 18th Ochiai Soup👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽