Happy holidays

Happy holidays, everyone!🔥

2up show

2up is playing @forestlimit tonight🔥Our slot is at 8:15PM, stop by if you can!🍻

Glow explosion tee

Glow explosion/ Transkam tee is available👽Tour limited run✍🏽💥 https://etsy.me/2UYJMJm

Dec 22nd

2up is playing @forestlimit on this Saturday🔥Come hang out! 2018.12.22.SAT J’s BAR 〜年末特大忘年会ver〜 幡ヶ谷FORESTLIMIT start18:30 adv/door ¥2000/¥2500(+1drink) live: 吉兼聡 + テンテンコ + 和田晋待 DANTEFONE 2up GuitarFeedbacker vs Noise Destroyer DJ: Mari Sakurai Live… Continue reading


Surreal page from UDWFG vol 3🔥It’s one of the most detailed comic I’ve ever made. Available on my shop👀 https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tetsunori


Collaboration with Domestik will be launched soon🔥 https://domestikdomestik.com


Future instrument player in new book LSREE🔥It’s available on my shop now. https://etsy.me/2C4zpw8

Night Terror Tee

Night Terror Tie Dye Tee is up🔥🦇🔥(For Xmas shoppers, Please select EMS shipping option and place an order until Dec 15th. Otherwise, you won’t receive it by the due date. Thanks) https://etsy.me/2AVHNME


Looking forward to the new toy series for @unboxindustries in 2019🔥🤝🔥It’s coming along so well. Stay tuned for more info🦇

2up at Skate park

2up is playing at skate park today🔥It’ll be tons of fun! Come over🙌🏽 12/1(土) Rise Above Fest @浮間舟渡 TRINITY B3 PARK 住所: 〒174-0041 東京都板橋区舟渡4丁目12−20 地図 (https://goo.gl/maps/F38fHjnKBSP2) 12:00/12:30~ DOOR ONLY ¥2000 WITH SK8 BOARD or… Continue reading