Smokin’ serpent

Today’s @wearebraindead exhibition was a ton of fun! Good vibes all around. Then worked on new piece for NYC. Here is a close shot of smokin’ serpent. A few more days to finish.

Escape from Four-dimentional Waterfall

Lord of the flies

“This is an island. At least l think it’s an island. That’s a reef out in the sea. Perhaps there aren’t any grownups anywhere.” -Lord of the Flies by William Golding

NTS Radio x Uniqlo UK

Exciting to announce Collab Tee with @nts_radio x @uniqlo_uk!🔥 It’ll be exclusively available at rooftop event at Uniqlo 311 Oxford street on Sept 2nd. Go to their website for more info.

Artshow in Oct

Joining artshow at Yui Gallery(@yuinyc) in NYC. It’s a killer show with @lalewestvind, @maletearz69, and Tom Toye. I’ll be there at opening reception on Oct 7th. Psyched!

Finger parasite

Another little piece for show @desertislandcomics in Oct! Tonight, I’m going to see @eruhamadaraka @emuhamadaraka perform live painting at 35 minutes gallery in Araiyakishi. It’ll start at 8pm.🔥

Next 2up show

2up show on this Saturday! Early show @shimokitazawa_three, come see us at 6pm🔥 photo is current work for exhibition in NY.  『AOBA NU NOISE』 2017年8/19(土)下北沢THREE ACT:2UP / 呂布カルマ / DEADKEBAB&PHYCHIC$ / CONTRAIRE /… Continue reading

Carnivorous trap

Contribution piece for upcoming @smokesignalcomics🔥 Your bathtub could become a mutant carnivorous plant. It’ll be available @desertislandcomics when it’s published!

Vomit Walker

“Vomit Walker” series is so small, this one is 4.9″ x 3.7″. Probably the smallest piece for @desertislandcomics exhibition on October 6th. Yep NY, I’m totally going.🔥

Fish eyes x Scorpio

New Tees available on the shop! FISH EYES x SCORPIO double print🔥