2up at Alecx in Matsumoto

left over drawings for sale from 2013

2up at bushbash on june 30th

New flyer

5 T-shirt Rearrangement

Those will be for sale at 2up show tonight, and Korea tour! Come to Music Org in Ikebukuro on sunday Apr 28th to see us. Please tell your friends to come to our… Continue reading

2up korea tour in May

Tron Noise MX poster

I’m organizing, and supporting noise musician Tron from Mexico. Check out his tour page, it’s going to be a lot of fun. http://noisemx.wordpress.com

Hand and Ear

“Snow Camouflage” series

They’re soon to be available at the stores. Stay tuned..


Vertigo nitcaps are on sale at Too Smell Records and Record Shop Disco. Thanks for checking them out. Stay tuned…