New colour code book

Experimenting color mixture for upcoming @colourcodeprint book💥💥💥 Going to Los Angeles (April 27 @theshq, April 28 @virgilnormal), San Diego (April 29 @terosgallery), and Portland (May 3 @floatingworldcomics)with this book. It’ll be a good… Continue reading

2up “Hedoro” Cassette

2up “Hedoro” Cassette Tape (Brain Dead Records 2018) is out!🔥 A few “Prophet cat tee” is back in stock. Listen ↓↓↓

Night crawlin’

Night crawlin’. Stay tuned for upcoming project..!🔥

Coney Island special

Coney Island special for @desertislandcomics @smokesignalcomics is done🔥 It’ll be showing @funhousebookfair on March 24th🗽

NTS collab video

NTS collab shirts(@nts_radio) are almost sold out!💥Thanks to all who supported. Sending hugs to everyone🗯 #Repost @nts_radio with @get_repost ・・・ @tetsunoritawaraya t-shirt pre order almost sold out… order yours now whilst you can… Continue reading

Scum Birthday

2up show tonight! Earthdom will be ripped tonight🔥 3/3 at Earthdom “Scum Birthday” 16:00-16:30 AKBK 16:45-17:15 オメガファック 17:30-18:00 2up 18:15-18:45 嶺川貴子 19:00-19:30 K-BONG+吉兼聡+山本達久 19:45-20:15 ZVIZMO+山本精一 20:30-21:00 NEW MANUKE 21:15-21:45 KURUUCREW

Thomas J. Watson Library

So honored to see Thomas J. Watson Library of The Metropolitan Museum (5th ave, NY) now carries 2 books of mine (Telescope, and Monitor on Colour Code).👌🏽 光栄な事に、NYのメトロポリタン美術館内のワトソン図書館がリソグラフ本(TelescopeとMonitor)を所蔵したようです🔥 国内では (新宿), @popotame_shop (目白)、… Continue reading

NTS x Tetsunori Collab Tee

NTS radio (@nts_radio) x Tetsunori collab T-shirts are available on their site. Get it before it sells out🔥

Baby prophet

Baby Tees are available🔥 Also restock “Prophet Cat” Long Sleeve! Link is below.

Hiroshima show

Hiroshima exhibition & show started🔥