Centipede Nightmare

Modified “Centipede Nightmare” as commission work for my italian holms.


koiwa bushbash

bushbash presents”STROM” 3/21(fri/holiday) at KOIWA BUSHBASH open18:00 start18:30 adv1500yen door1800yen(+1drink order) live: 2UP NERVS YOU GOT A RADIO! SUPERDUMB THE POPS

2up show in Sendai

2014/03/02 (SUN) “Sizimayori” AT SENDAI PANGAEA OPEN 16:30〜 ¥1200(+1DRINK) LIVE ○2up (TOKYO) ○ReddTemple ○(FUKUSHIMA) ○TASMANIANDEVIL NEVER DIE ○umiuma DJ Rambo (AOBA NU NOISE)


One eye warrior

Lost in Grid

Thanks everyone in France

It was very short trip to Paris, and Marseille, France, but totally worth going. Spent great time with Shoboshobo in Paris as always. Also wonderful collaboration with Pakito Bolino, Judex, Craoman, Jurictus Necatombe… Continue reading

2013-2014 drawing


Another glimpse of U.D.W.F.G. comic. This title “The High Bridge” was inspired by Raymond Chandler’s “The High Window”. U.D.W.F.G. comic contributors are Mat Brinkman Tetsunori Tawaraya Ratigher Miguel Angel Martin Paolo Massagli