A glance of new book

I’ll be in NY next week!🔥 Come say hi to me @comicartsbklyn on Nov 11th, I’ll have a new book release by @colourcodeprint, and bringing originals💚

Prophet cat long sleeve

Hoodie exhibition/sale is happening at Faith (@faith_koenji, 4-2-10 Koenjiminami, Suginami) currated by Los Apson until Oct 28th🔥Go get some stuff in person. I’m contributing a bunch including these pics. Only a few available… Continue reading

Space contact

Travelling in the spaceship? First contact is happening through the window🔥More designs for upcoming Transkam release✍🏽


Fabrick (@medicom_toy ) Exhibition🔥is happening at Wag Gallery in Harajuku until Oct 25th🦇 Stop by if you can!

Jelly explosion

Drawing some jelly explosion for my comrade’s tour tee🔥☝🏽🔥Check out Transkam if you’re ever in Florida in Nov🦇

New York

Don’t make any noise🔥 So many artworks are coming along for NY visit💥

Dressed up

Dressed up and ready to hit the road🔥Pieces are coming along for a new book✍🏽💥

Stuff for CAB

Preparing drawings for upcoming book on @colourcodeprint🔥 it’ll be debuted at CAB (@comicartsbklyn) on Nov 11th. More info coming shortly🦇

Slime 6 progress

Taking care of your little family, kind of a drawing is developing for @johnfmalta produce upcoming book Universal Slime vol.6🔥 I’ll be attending to @comicartsbklyn on Nov 11th. Hope to see some of… Continue reading

Chikko Jogoku, thanks

Mucho gracias to hombre @unboxjp and @unboxindustries to organize the glow in dark event🔥 It was a blast! 🤝🤝🤝Next show is coming in 2 weeks! Stay in tuned..💥