Scott Smallin + volcom shots

(Model/Photo by Scott Smallin) I feel thanksful to receive these photos taken by my bud Scott Smallin. He is one of the raddest photographers, and being super supportive for me. Big respect! Volcom… Continue reading

Echoing Green

“In our youth time were seen, On the Echoing Green.” -William Blake

Filled with praise

“And his tongue shall be filled with praise.” -The Shepard- by William Blake

 Erase Visual Communication

Finally received Erase Visual Communication zine in my hand! Thanks to @farmtactics @theheavymental for putting this together. Extra thanks to @note2self brought it to me safely. It’s such a radical book.

Collab with volcom

Collaboration with @volcom has been finally launched! They’re super generous dudes, came to my house twice from Costa Mesa to make this happen.

Mr. Sweat’s mysterious head trip


Couldn’t go to #laabf but some of my friends selling my stuff. Go to @wearebraindead, also @seitebooks, if you’re around LA. Photo courtesy of seite books. Thank you!

Sleepy man

Don’t mess with a sleepy man, he’ll get out from crunchy futon to get you.

Heaviest trick

2up show tomorrow! Come to Kawasaki Club Citta 2F Bar A’TTIC on Feb 17th Friday 7pm.

2up on feb 17th

”敷居” 2017年2月17日(金) 川崎CLUBCITTA’2階BAR A’TTIC ADV/DOOR  ¥ 1500/2000  OPEN 19時 Live START 19時45分 FUCKER kaniQkai in the sun SlowCrimes 2UP DJ K.E.I.(VOVIVAV) Minoru Kakinuma aka BOG(bushbash)