Some reissues are restocked💥 You’ll see them in west coast soon👋🏽

Silver, Gold prints

Very interesting screenprints hit the shop🔥They’ll be appeared at places in west coast👋🏽 Printed by mighty @mywar_yuichiro💥

Telescope prints

New prints hitting the shop🔥 Good ol’ telescope revival on silkscreen (printed by @prince_of_printz🙌🏽).

Books at the fair

Come visit @colourcodeprint booth at LAABF for weird creatures🙃 I won’t be there, but some of my books are waiting for ya🙋🏽‍♂️


New book “Fingerprints” is nearly done printing by @colourcodeprint🙃

Pedal release

Collab guitar pedal with @lifeisunfairaudio is coming along🔥Stay tuned for the release date!👋🏽

Free gig

2up is playing a free show on April 4th Thursday (Our slot is 10pm!)🔥Come see us and @aya_gloomy @tawingsband at Trump Room in Shibuya. Big up to @farmtactics @theheavymental @nts_radio for setting it… Continue reading


Accordion book is restocked🔥 I’m bringing them to Apr 20th @virgilnormal Apr 21st @terosgallery Apr 23rd @missioncomics Apr 24th @coldcubepress Apr 26th @floatingworldcomics Apr 27th @theshq Flyers coming soon👋🏽

Toonice Junk

New accordion book “Toonice junk” hit the shop👋🏽 Dropping in west coast in late April. 13 colors sickscreen by Le Dernier Cri💥 Limited 200 copies

Mutant pineapple

Dear mutant pineapple, you’re welcome to crash on my couch anytime🔥👋🏽🔥