Cobra from D.F.

Cobra from upcoming @hollow_press book “Dimentional Flats”🔥 Be prepared💣

New hollow press

New book on @hollow_press is coming along well🔥Another mental Sci-Fi story.

“Skip” drawing

It was exhibited last month, and it just got featured on the latest issue of @slanted_publishers🔥 Big up to @ianlynam for connecting synapses👁

Collab wall with Kenseth

A collaboration wall with Kenseth Thibideau(@kensethwoodwork)’s awesome wood piece🔥 Stoked to see this at my break time🗯Thanks, brother!


“Binoculars” is officially out at #TCAF🔥 Stop by @colourcodeprint booth for purchase.🙌🏽

Kangaroo Banzai tee

“Kangaroo Banzai” tees are available online🔥Awesome graduations printed by @hart_yuichiro✊🏽

Bye west coast

It was great seeing everyone in the states.💥 Tour is over, heading back home tomorrow. Thanks for comig to the shows🔥I hope to come back in 2019.

Floating World

Portland tonight 6-9pm at @floatingworldcomics🔥 Come to 400 NW Couch St, it’s in chinatown, downtown. Showing some extra drawings i made on this trip too. Last show on tour💥

Portland next

Landed in Portland🔥 Quick airplane drawing is always fun.✍🏽

Virgil Normal

Thanks for coming to @theshq last night, it was a blast🔥 Tonight @virgilnormal 6-9pm. 🎵 by @farmtactics and @willy_mammoth It’ll be tons of fun!