Silkscreen posters

           Silkscreen posters are on the other side of Popo

Painted vinyls on the wall

  Vinyl display at Popo in Shindaita, Tokyo.

Vinyl Painting Series at Popo in Shindaita, Tokyo



Those vinyls are displayed on the wall at Popo in Shindaita.


Portraits vol.1 by Athame Press

Portraits vol.1 printed in providence RI 2010 athame press limited 500 copies Michael Williams Rich Porter Tetsunori Tawaraya Matt Lock CF Aki Goto Max Eisenberg Dan Talbot Sophia Dixon Sadie Laska Natalie Purkey… Continue reading

T-shirt stock (2014/07/19)

All t-shirts price : USD 20.00 + international shipping USD 12.99   shipping within 3-5 days after confirmation of the payment. paypal: Thank you.

A conversation with Greta

25 A-hole tattoo designs for Michael Schilawski

These are the 25 tattoo designs for my friend Michael Schilawski. I’m very curious which one he will pick to have it tattooed in future.

Kinsella Bag

This is the silkscreen bag for a vintage shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, called Kinsella. purchase on Kinsella online shop

A series of stencil shirts

This is the series of stencil shirts that has been made for the upcoming event “Sad Horse/2up japan tour”. They are available at the shows. No pre-order acceptable, since they are limited and… Continue reading

Sad Horse/2up Tour shirt

limited 30 stencil shirts will be available at the shows soon.