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2up next show

Next show for 2up will be… October 16 sunday @Womb, Shibuya OPEN : 15:00 ADV : \2,500 | DOOR : ¥3,000 *入場時、別途ドリンク代500円 Psysalia psysalis psyche , kuruucrew(狂うクルー) , 6eyes(Nagoya) , TADZIO(Sendai) , mu-neujohn(Osaka)… Continue reading

2011.08.27. @POOL

2011年8月27日(土) @桜台POOL open 18:30 start 19:00 ticket 1000 yen 2up/E*Rock/oninko!/大城真/紐と泡​と霧/DJ矢代諭史 ポートランドからE*Rock来日! 彼のやっているレーベルAudio Dregs http://www.audiodregs.com/ そしてブログ http://urbanhonking.com/li​ghtandsound/ 皆さん遊びに来て下さい〜。

2011.09.03 @Fever

2011.09.03 sat shindaita Fever Open/Start 19:00 Ticket 2000yen(+1drink) FEVER店頭にて 8.27(sat) Ticket on sale! Li Daiguo(from China) Gigolo 13 2up Kuruu Crew DJ Yoshiko Yamaguchi(5678’s) DJ Takumi (666) DJ K.E.I. (Vovivav) Li Daiguo リー・ダイグォ(Li… Continue reading

Lodaçal Comix

This is the zine made in portugal. It came out in June, and already got sold out. My comic “Bird Spurm Mountain” is featured on this. Get it when it gets reissued. http://www.rurucomix.wordpress.com… Continue reading

Workshop in Colomiers, France 2010 september

i was invited for doing a workshop in Colomiers, France in 2010. and spent solid one week to draw multiple murals, even on the ceiling too. it was a collaboration with shobo shobo,… Continue reading


TETSUNORI TAWARAYA email: tetsunoritawaraya@gmail.com web: https://tetsunoritawaraya.com/ TETSUNORI TAWARAYA started drawing portraits of people and musicians in San Diego in 1999, and accomplished 800 portraits until 2002. TAWARAYA’s prolific output of flyers, comics, music… Continue reading