Toonice Junk

New accordion book “Toonice junk” hit the shop👋🏽 Dropping in west coast in late April. 13 colors sickscreen by Le Dernier Cri💥 Limited 200 copies

Mutant pineapple

Dear mutant pineapple, you’re welcome to crash on my couch anytime🔥👋🏽🔥

2 strong eyebrows

“Eyebrow Operations” for April release🔥A few stuff were updated in the shop.

Tame the centipede

Another shot for upcoming book on @colourcodeprint👋🏽 Tame the centipede now!


West coast is getting confirmed for another book release rumblin🔋👨🏽‍🔧 swing by, I’m displaying originals of little creatures👋🏽 APR 20 SAT, LA, @virgilnormal APR 21 SUN, SD, @terosgallery APR 23 TUE, SF, @missioncomics… Continue reading

Bay area?

Hey, friends in Bay Area. I need to know a good local book store for a book release event. Any suggestions?

Accordion book

Silkscreen accordion book will be out on Le Dernier Cri (@badkito) soon✊🏽💥Stay tuned for further details🧠

Dmons flyer art

As for the request by @astraleyez, here is another b&w original for Dmonstrations Japan tour 2008 flyer💥☄️💥

Onsen drawing

Found this Onsen drawing from 2008👨🏽‍🔧I think I drew this on @shoboshobo + Lucky Dragons + Vastieu Ramen Japan touring⬆️It was good times💥

Ghost it up

Ghost goodies are up on my shop💥🙃💥Tons of heavy liquid printing by my man @mywar_yuichiro @hart_yuichiro👨🏽‍🔧