Glow explosion tee

Glow explosion/ Transkam tee is available👽Tour limited run✍🏽💥

Dec 22nd

2up is playing @forestlimit on this Saturday🔥Come hang out! 2018.12.22.SAT J’s BAR 〜年末特大忘年会ver〜 幡ヶ谷FORESTLIMIT start18:30 adv/door ¥2000/¥2500(+1drink) live: 吉兼聡 + テンテンコ + 和田晋待 DANTEFONE 2up GuitarFeedbacker vs Noise Destroyer DJ: Mari Sakurai Live… Continue reading


Surreal page from UDWFG vol 3🔥It’s one of the most detailed comic I’ve ever made. Available on my shop👀


Collaboration with Domestik will be launched soon🔥


Future instrument player in new book LSREE🔥It’s available on my shop now.

Night Terror Tee

Night Terror Tie Dye Tee is up🔥🦇🔥(For Xmas shoppers, Please select EMS shipping option and place an order until Dec 15th. Otherwise, you won’t receive it by the due date. Thanks)


Looking forward to the new toy series for @unboxindustries in 2019🔥🤝🔥It’s coming along so well. Stay tuned for more info🦇

2up at Skate park

2up is playing at skate park today🔥It’ll be tons of fun! Come over🙌🏽 12/1(土) Rise Above Fest @浮間舟渡 TRINITY B3 PARK 住所: 〒174-0041 東京都板橋区舟渡4丁目12−20 地図 ( 12:00/12:30~ DOOR ONLY ¥2000 WITH SK8 BOARD or… Continue reading


Collaboration pins with Brooklyn based PINTRILL (@pintrill) are finally out!💥🤝💥Available at their website and my shop☄️ 日本では @toxgo @taco_che @birthdeath_tokyoにて購入可能です。Special thanks to @jordanpintrill @domigi and Pintrill Team🔥


This gentleman is a ghost from The Great Depression💥Work in progress for upcoming Netherlands one and only Wobby Magazine (@wobbyclub)☝🏽