NTS tee

New tee for @nts_radio is available on their webshop🏜via https://shop.nts.live Big up to NTS🔥 Modelled by Alex @alexritaa & Errol @errol_anderson (Touching Bass @touching_bass)🙌🏽

Mexican Ritual

Got some new shirt up☄️🔬☄️ Printed by unimpeachable @prince_of_printz 🏜Natural mix masta https://etsy.me/2N1Xx97

More Fabrick

Got some more Fabrick collab is up💥🤝💥Including pen case, camping tote, knapsack🏜 https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tetsunori

Coming along

New scratchboard book will be full of mad sci-fi🏜👽🏜Out in the end of Sept on @hollow_press

Element shoes

Shoes sample looks sick🔥👨🏽‍🔧More info coming soon @elementbrand 🤝

Holy grail

Holy grail tee and prints are upup in the shop💥👽💥Thanks to @prince_of_printz for great ink work🙌🏽🌊 https://etsy.me/2zfwi24

BD Seahorse

Rayon hawaiian shirts with @wearebraindead is available on BD online shop and @doverstreetmarketlosangeles @doverstreetmarketnewyork 🤝👽🤝 Big up to @farmtactics @theheavymental for mental collab💥 https://wearebraindead.com


Got some collab items up in the shop💥👽💥All silkscreened and made with @mle_fabrick 🤝 https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tetsunori


Always pleasure to work with @unboxindustries☄️🤝☄️Mini-figure series is brewing in the pods👽More info soon!

Black light vids

Black light vids of riso book Fingerprints☄️📹Got some copies in the shop📢Thanks for the cool vids @wildflowerbookstore in Taipei City🙌🏽 https://etsy.me/2Xv7xfS