Reissued big vook

400 page comic (Works from 2002-2012) is finally reissued and back in stock💥☝🏽💥 Mat’s quote is pretty funny and love it. Second photo is a hidden artwork of Dr. Benway. Ya, it’s a… Continue reading

Fantasy zone

Restoring more stuff for @desertislandcomics☄️☝🏽☄️Details soon!📢

Centipede 2015

Looking through old stuff for some fun project with @desertislandcomics ☄️🤝☄️More comes soon👨🏽‍🔧📢

Treviso brew

New comic has been cooking in the brew💥👽It’ll be put out by @hollow_press, and debut at Comic Festival in Treviso, Italy @trevisocomicbookfestival in late Sept⚡️Big up for an invite!

Scratch tee

New reissue of June scratch tee💥☝🏽Many other shirts are up & up (Skate hell, Vacuum, Prophet cat etc)📢

Restored 2013 drawing

I restored a file from 2013 metal control exhibition💥🕶Possibly making some goodies with it. More flash is nigh📢

Getaway prints

Getaway/Telescope screenprints 2019 is still boiling in the shop📷💥 More new prints are on the way👋🏽

Snail mail

Probably I do have a niche for storing your soul💥👏🏽👋🏽 Stay in tune for snail updates👨🏽‍🔧

Needs a little more love

This world needs a little more love.. said by @justinpearson31g 🙌🏽🔥Risograph Prints vs original hand drawing/ Limited Edition of 10 is available📷

Eyeball palm trees

Partial zone of the planet with eyeball palm trees🌴🔥 A piece for @videotapemusic💥