Domicile till Friday

LSREE is available at until friday 8PM💥💥💆🏽‍♂️💥💥Come see some originals and goodies👋🏽

Domicile tomorrow

Made special comix for Domicile Tokyo pop-up🙋🏽‍♂️Opening is 5-9PM on Feb 16th Sat. Free entrance & free booze with DJ @pagtas @katomandlc @naomyan610 ⬆️⬆️⬆️ 2/16(土)17-21時に原宿ドミサイル東京にてポップアップ&エキシビションを行います。お立ち寄りください💥

Accordion book

New accordion book is on print process by Le Dernier Cri (@pakitobolino)🔥 It’s gonna be a good one!🙆🏽‍♂️

Day 03 Enoshima

Last day of Oppala exhibition🔥 I’ll be there all day till 9pm. Come see the originals from the newest riso book LSREE🔊👋🏽👋🏽 本日江ノ島オッパーラでの展示最終日です。21時まで在廊予定なのでぜひお立ち寄り下さい💥🤝💥

Oppa-la day 02

Day 02 at Oppa-la exhibition🔥 I’ll be here until 9pm. This limited sweat pants are available🙌🏽 本日オッパーラ2日目は21時まで在廊してます!お近くの方は是非です!

Life is Unfair

Effect pedal collaboration with UK based Life Is Unfair @lifeisunfairaudio will be released real soon🔥I already own a few pedals they made, and it sounds mental! Can’t wait to announce more info✊🏽

10 min session

Tons of 10 minutes drawing were done today for “Mental Collection” exhibition🔥 Come to Oppa-la for opening reception tomorrow👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ 設営も無事フィニッシュ!ぜひお越しください🙌🏽 Tetsunori Tawaraya個展「メンタル・コレクション」 3 DAYS EXHIBITION!!! のオープニングライブ!! =========================== 2月9日(土)at 江ノ島オッパーラ 12時 – 16時:展示 (入場無料)… Continue reading

New prints

Three Mile Pilot silkscreen prints will be available at Oppa-la exhibition Feb 9-11🔥 Come over! Big up to Hans from Moco T’s who did awesome print job on this one✊🏽 international purchase is… Continue reading

Oppa-la opening

Next 2up show flyer🔥🍜🔥So many rad musicians and DJs, can’t miss out. It’s the opening night of Oppa-la exhibition. It’ll be a fun night.🙌🏽 @deadkebab @kmurscs @aoiswimming @fallopiandiscoforce @marrsacrr @macotone @daa_enoshima777 💥🤝💥


Hey, cruise over to in Harajuku on Feb 16th☝🏽New hoodie release party, and it’s gonna be a hot hot🍜🧠🍜 “A WEEK LONG FECES” ART EXHIBITION / POP-UP AT DOMICILE TOKYO, FEB 16… Continue reading