Early Sunday show

Next 2up show flyer🔥 Early Sunday would be fun!

Life is Unfair

Finally got this semi-modular tremolo pedal in my hand💥💥So happy that it came out so dope. Available at @lifeisunfairaudio https://lifeisunfair.bigcartel.com/products

A1 poster

I just put up a few A1 posters in the shop🔥Have a great weekend👋🏽 https://etsy.me/2Qmmyej

2020 view

Big respect to holms in Europe!🔥 Collaboration with Element for 2020👋🏽


Got some revival prints in the shop🔥2up is playing at Ochiai Soup on May 18th, those prints will be available!🙌🏽 https://etsy.me/2w5wgbG

2up show

Next 2up show flyer🔥May 18th Ochiai Soup👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

Monitor tee

A few more Monitor tees are up🔥Many thnx to @hart_yuichiro🙌🏽 https://etsy.me/2PpEhkm

Old flyer discovery

Old flyer discovery from 10 years ago💥Next 2up show is on May 18th, come hang out at Ochiai Soup🔥🥣 🔥

Pedal Pre-order

Collab pedal with UK based @lifeisunfairaudio is taking pre-orders👋🏽 Go to their website and get some discount💥💥 https://www.lifeisunfair.co.uk/

2up footage

Big up to brother @wearebraindead x @nts_radio for having 2up the other day🔥🔥