Dimensional Flats

New scratchbook is in printing🔥 Big up to @hollow_press to put this out. More info coming soon💣

Unbox collab sample

Here is first visual sample for upcoming @unboxindustries collab🔥 Tomorrow, 2up gig at @koiwabushbash💣 Come hang out! 6/16(土)小岩Bushbash “Raw Tempo” LIVE: GROUP 2up 夏の大△ (大城真 + 川口貴大 + 矢代諭史) KΣITO KLONNS IN THE… Continue reading

Nora & 2up show

New Tee design for のら珈琲in Akita @m_o_r_i_k_o_j_i is getting finished🔥 Come to see 2up at Earthdom tomorrow evening! We play at 5:50, early show💣

Tee simulation

Tee simulation for Los Apson T-shirt Fair🔥 This collage was made with draft doodle for new book “Dimentional Flats”. Stay tuned for more info💣

Totem brothers

2up is playing 2 shows in June🔥 June 9th at Earthdom, then this flyer for June 16th at @koiwabushbash Plz stop by⚡️

Japan distro

Japan distro copies of Binoculars arrived🔥 Soon to be available at bookstores and friend’s shops (@taco_che, @popotame_shop, @irregularrhythm, @toxgo, and more)

Cobra from D.F.

Cobra from upcoming @hollow_press book “Dimentional Flats”🔥 Be prepared💣

New hollow press

New book on @hollow_press is coming along well🔥Another mental Sci-Fi story.

“Skip” drawing

It was exhibited last month, and it just got featured on the latest issue of @slanted_publishers🔥 Big up to @ianlynam for connecting synapses👁

Collab wall with Kenseth

A collaboration wall with Kenseth Thibideau(@kensethwoodwork)’s awesome wood piece🔥 Stoked to see this at my break time🗯Thanks, brother!