The Locust x Brain Dead

When i first experienced The Locust Japan tour in 1999, it motivated me to go to San Diego and discover where they grew up. They became a huge part of my blood and still inspire me as good friends.
I’m so proud to be a part of this donation tee project with The Locust x Brain Dead.
The t-shirt profits go to supporting BLMP (BLACK LGBTQUIA + MIGRANT Project,
We’re releasing this tee on Friday 10am PST via Brain Dead website.

2up at bushbash

It sounds so unreal to announce that 2up is playing a show with limited audience at Bushbash in Koiwa on July 18th sat. It’s been longer than four damn months, and i’m dying for this (so is everyone else). But i’m telling you it’s only possible with the current infection rate in Japan and hopefully doesn’t go higher than we expect.


Upcoming tee design for Enoshima Oppa-la donation project☄️Stay tuned!

Test 3

Spattering test 3. Don’t eat the ball, duder.

Bleach Bleach Bleach

Bleached tees are available💥 2XL and XL are included.
Shipping notification:
Preparation time is 9-10 weeks due to COVID, so don’t place an order if you can’t be patient. (Normal preparation time for Japan, UK, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Netherlands, and Switzerland)


Don’t hit too hard, this cudgel is a humble creature💥