Benten Rockers

2up is playing a free show on this Sunday💥Hope the weather will turn out well (the show is outside, it’s only happening with good weather)🙏🏽 江の島CurryDiner OPPA-LA 18周年記念無料野外ライブ – 弁天ROCKERS 18 – 2019年9月22日… Continue reading

Box art

Restored some old painting for a project with @desertislandcomics 🏜👽🏜The image was originally made for @unboxindustries figure box in 2017🔥More info soon!

Assassin Child

New book Assassin Child will be released in 2 weeks💥🎙Free bottle opener comes with preorder via @hollow_press ⛰

Mayan time

Mayan ritual in tropicalia color poster 19”x12.5”💥🔬Available via link🤘🏽

NTS tee

New tee for @nts_radio is available on their webshop🏜via Big up to NTS🔥 Modelled by Alex @alexritaa & Errol @errol_anderson (Touching Bass @touching_bass)🙌🏽

Mexican Ritual

Got some new shirt up☄️🔬☄️ Printed by unimpeachable @prince_of_printz 🏜Natural mix masta

More Fabrick

Got some more Fabrick collab is up💥🤝💥Including pen case, camping tote, knapsack🏜

Coming along

New scratchboard book will be full of mad sci-fi🏜👽🏜Out in the end of Sept on @hollow_press

Element shoes

Shoes sample looks sick🔥👨🏽‍🔧More info coming soon @elementbrand 🤝

Holy grail

Holy grail tee and prints are upup in the shop💥👽💥Thanks to @prince_of_printz for great ink work🙌🏽🌊