11.24. Fri Isn’t it? at forestlimit STRAT:18:00 ENTRANCE:1500JPY+1D LIVE THE CREAMS 2 MUCH CREW GO MAX GODA 2UP DJ セーラーかんな子 テンテンコ DJ SOYBEANS

Neon Beehive Eater

Ready to ship this to @gallerynucleus for group show in PDX in December.🤘🏽


Monitor new color T-shirts are available as well as Good vs Evil Tees.🤘🏽

Killer sax player

Tell your friend that I found a killer sax player the other day. 

Brain pop

Some original pieces from UDWFG comic. New story is on its way! 

Found 2004 flyer

Found old Dmonstrations flyer from 2004! W/ Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Kill Me Tomorrow at Casbah, SanDiego. It was a good one!

I’ll pick you up

Original scratchboard snap from Grayworld comic! Upper scene composition was based on japanese comic “Golgo 13”. Yesss


I sold this original drawing “Bitting Bone” (influenced by Zorlac X Pushead sticker) at Desert Island the other day, and looking for a person who bought it! I scanned, but I lost a… Continue reading

Beehive eater

“Beehive Eater!” I’m contributing a few pieces for Gallery Nucleus (@nucleusportland) group exhibition in December. Hope to finish up soon.

Squid Mouth

This special drawing was made for beautiful individual @sahc_1 with good details of trees. It was a good jam. Today, i went to see my old friend Spencer Clark’s performance at WWW in… Continue reading